Truffles from Istria

Truffles from Istria

Within the heart of Istria, between the medieval towns of Buzet and Motovun, lays the Motovun
forest. It is the habitat of the underground mushroom – truffle. Due to the Mediterranean climate and forest vegetation, truffles from Istria are considered among the highest quality and most esteemed in the world. Truffles grow in the dampness of the Motovun forest and can be found at depths from 5 cm up to 30 cm and more. They grow in symbiosis with the roots of trees. In the oak forests that extend through the valley of the river Mirna, it is possible to find several species of truffles that can be found only with the help of well-trained dogs.
The white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico), which ripens from September to January, has an
amazingly intense and pleasant aroma and is considered the most prized truffle. Unlike black truffles, white truffles cannot be cultivated and are only accessible in their natural habitat. The white truffle from Motovun forest, due to the Mediterranean climate and specific forest
vegetation, is considered among the highest quality in the world. It is becoming increasingly present in first class restaurants around the globe.
In addition to the white truffles, within the valley of the river Mirna there are also: black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) that grow in summer and are the most common species of black truffles, black autumn truffles (Tuber Uncinatum) and black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum) which is considered the finest sort of black truffles. It grows from January to spring and is also called the noble black truffle. Many families in Istria cultivate the tradition of truffle hunting which they inherited from their ancestors and as such is passed from generation to generation. The secrets of the search areas, dog training and the like are carefully guarded.


The biggest truffle in the world


The discovery of the largest white truffle, which weighed 1.31 kg and was then included in the Guinness Book of Records, greatly contributed to the importance of Istria as a region that is increasingly recognizable in the world as a region of high quality truffles. Since then, the demand for Istrian truffles, especially the white Tuber Magnatum Pizza, has been growing, and Istrian truffles are slowly being branded. It is possible to find them on the elite menus around the world. In the fall, in the heart of the white truffle season, events dedicated to truffles are now traditionally held within the truffle zone itself – Buzet, Motovun and Livade. In addition to the truffle fair, a bronze replica of the largest truffle found has also been set up in Livade, so the place surrounded by the Motovun forest might be called the world's truffle center.

Where to buy Truffles from Istria ?


Truffles from Istria are best consumed fresh, and in order to know that we have a quality truffle, it needs to have an intense aroma, be hard and compact in structure, and freshly harvested before consumption. Tartufi Istra, our family business, pays great attention that the truffles harvested in the morning by our hardworking hunters, get sent the same day and reach their destination around the world
within 48 hours. Given the benefits of the Istrian climate, we are able to offer fresh seasonal truffles throughout the year. Out of season it is possible to consume them in various ways: canned in salt solution, in various sauces, in olive oil, in various spreads, etc.
They can be ordered through our web shop or on the spot, in our shop in Motovun, where they can also be tasted.