Truffle shop


Today, the family company TARTUFI ISTRA continues the almost century-long tradition of searching for truffles in the Bartolić family. They offer their guests an unforgettable adventure of truffle hunting, tasting Istrian truffle delicacies, as well as many attractive truffle products at their shop and tasting room in Motovun.

Truffles are highly valued subterranean fungi with aphrodisiac properties. The Motovun forest is the largest white truffle habitat in the world and is also home to several varieties of black truffles. Alongside other well-known Istrian delicacies – the Istrian prosciutto, indigenous Malvasia and Teran wines, Istrian cow and sheep cheese, best olive oil in the world, excellent honey, homemade brandies, the meat of Istrian cattle boškarin, and others – Istrian black and white truffles are a gourmet gem of Istria.


The shop and tasting room of the TARTUFI ISTRA company, located right next to the ancient bell tower beside the Parish Church of St. Stephen in Motovun, offers fresh white and black truffles when in season and various truffle-flavored products – olive oil, butter, salt, honey, chocolate, cheese, peanuts, sausages and salami, savory and sweet spreads, and a selection of wines, brandies, and olive oils.


Join us in the hunt for Istrian gold – truffles. We will go to the Motovun forest with trained tracker dogs and follow their movement. Once the dogs sniff out truffles, they will start vigorously scratching the ground with their paws. After we praise and reward them for their discovery, we will continue digging in the same place, gently shoveling the soil with a spatula. We’ll take the truffle out with our hands and gently shake off the soil. Its smell alone will make us feel highly rewarded for our efforts.

We also offer accommodation with breakfast to truffle hunters at Antico Bed & Breakfast, located right next to our shop and tasting room.

Pietra Kandlera 2, Motovun

Phone: +385 91 2598 225


Opening hours: Mon–Sun / 10:00 AM–8:00 PM