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TRATUFI ISTRA – company with fresh truffles and truffle products. Matka Trinajstića 3A, 52420 Buzet. Our web page – www.tartufi-istra.com.

Personal data protection

We are taking all safety measures to make sure your data is protected. Your data is protected both online and offline. If our forms require personal data, that data is code and protected by a safety protocol (SSL) Search engines (browsers) Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox by itself have a protection protocol shown by a lock icon. If the lock is locked, you are on a protected page. We use SSL coding to protect personal data and do all we can to protect your data offline and online.  Access to costumer data is restricted, accessed only by our employees who need them to provide services. For all questions about our web safety send us an email at: web-shop@tartufi-istra.com.

Data collection

Tartufi Istra  is obligated to protect customer data, collecting only the  necessary  data about customers/consumers . We inform our customers about data collection, giving them a choice if they wish to delete their data from our list used for marketing campaigns. All data is protected and is available only to our employers who need the data for services required. All Tartufi Istra employees are responsible for keeping your data safe.


To make a reservation or send a request on our web pages, the user has to fill a registration form. During the registration process you are required to give your contact information (name and email address). This information is used to allow contact with the user while filing out our web site forms. Also, the data is protected by a privacy policy, data control, or changing the data.

Changing your data

If your personal data is changed or if you no longer require our services, we have the option to change, update or delete your data. You can manage your data on our website by clicking on «My account» or by sending an email:  web-shop@tartufi-istra.com.

Update notifications

In the case of changing our privacy policy, the notifications will be on our home page. The user will get to know our privacy policy, the data we collect, the ways the data is used and who has access to the data. If there is ever an instance where we want to use the data in a different way, you will be notified via email. The users can then give or deny access. The data will be used according to our privacy policy, valid at the time of the data collection.

Online payment safety

By paying on our website you use CorvusPay – an advanced system for safe usage of credit cards online.

CorvusPay keeps all your card data safe from the moment you fill out the CorvusPay form. Card data is transferred encrypted from your web browser to your bank card. We never get access to your payment data of your credit card. Also, the data is unavailable to CorvusPay employees. The isolated core is being transferred singly, managing sensitive data and keeping it safe.

The payment form is SSL transport code secured. All collected data are additionally protected by encryption, by an encryption device certified by FIPS 140-2 Level standard.

CorvusPay  satisfies all requests about safety measures of online payment by major credit card brands,  operates by – PCI DSS Level 1 – norm, the highest standard of bankcard safety. By paying with credit cards in 3-D Secure program, your bank validates your credit card and confirms your identity by token or password.

CorvusPay considers all your information as banking secrecy and treats is as such. The data is used only in payment purposes. Your sensitive data is completely safe, and their privacy is guaranteed by the latest protection mechanisms. Only the necessary data is collected, according to online payment requirements.

Safety control and operative procedures used on our infrastructure grant immediate safety of CorvusPay system. Rigorous access control, regular safety measures, depth checks to prevent vulnerability, information and safety regulation keep our system updated to protect your personal card data.

Thank you for using Corvus Pay


All payments will be made in Croatian kuna currency. The amount is calculated by conversing the price from Euros to kunas by a valid currency list of the Croatian National Bank.

When billing your credit card, the same amount converts to your local currency by a valid currency card list.

As a result, there is a possibility of an insignificant difference from the original price on our web page.


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How do I disable cookies?

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Privacy statement

These rules determine and regulate how the seller uses, and protects all information that customers provide to them when using the website: karlictartufi.shop

Personal information is any information that relates to a particular physical person or a physical person that can be determined. Specifically, personal data are all data that determine the identity of the buyer (for example, first and last name, e-mail address, residence address, etc.).

Personal data processing is any act or set of actions performed on personal data, whether by automated means or not, such as the collection, recording, organizing, storing, adjusting or modifying, withdrawing, inspecting, using, detecting by transmission, publishing or otherwise made available, assigning or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying, and implementing logical, mathematical, and other operations with these data.

By registering on the web site karlictartufi.shop, by purchasing as a guest or by accessing the page itself, the buyer agrees that the seller processes his personal information in the registration form, as well as the order data, as well as the information available in the payment process, etc. The same data is used for the purpose of concluding a contract, and for the purpose of familiarizing the seller with the purchasing habits of the buyers, as well as for informational purposes, and the purpose of promoting the services and products of the seller. The Seller undertakes to keep the privacy of all personal data of all customers and will treat them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act or other applicable regulations.

All the above personal data should not be used by unauthorized persons or made available to third parties, except in cases where this special law permits or is necessary for the performance of contractual obligations. All employees of the Seller and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

We retain personal data for as long as it is necessary for the requested service or the service for which you have given consent to be provided, unless otherwise provided by law. The collected data are deleted after the termination of the purpose for which they were collected, i.e. the termination of the contractual relationship, and the data collected due to processing based on legal grounds will be stored in accordance with time limits according to legal provisions (eg Accounting Act).

Access to all information about our users, not just the confidential information mentioned above, is limited. Only employees who need it to access a particular service have access to confidential information.

The user has the right to request the deletion of personal data at any time. You can do this by sending a request to the email address web-shop@tartufi-istra.com and the data will be deleted without delay unless there is a legal obligation to keep the data, a legitimate interest and the basis for exercising your legal rights.

www.tartufi-istra.com uses cookie programs as session identifiers – cookies. Cookies have a session id to make sure that during the session the web shop remembers the buyers browser and the customer itself.

In order to make this site more enjoyable, functional and convenient, this website saves a certain amount of information on your computer, so-called cookies. They serve to make the site work optimally and to enhance your browsing and use experience. By visiting and using this website, you agree to use cookies that can be blocked. After that you will still be able to view the webpage but some features will not be available.