Picturesque Istria, a fairytale peninsula named Terra Magica by the Romans is a habitat of truffles, gold worthy subterraneous mushrooms well known for their smell and taste. Istria is known world widely for its truffles, and right here in Istria the biggest white truffle was found, which it documented in the Guinness World record. Istria has a reputation of the most famous and prominent truffles destination.  With love for tradition and honoring the heritage of truffles arose our little family company – Tartufi Istra


Since the 1950s, the Bartolić family gathered knowledge about truffles, starting with a grandfather going out with his friends and gathering truffles. Truffles weren’t as worthy then as they are now, they were undervalued since there wasn’t as much knowledge about truffles. Going from generation to generation, the father continued truffle hunting, passing on the knowledge to his son. All valuable things are made from loving what you do, and when you add the respect of tradition you get a quality product filled with love. That is how our story started – bringing us to now, the proud owners of high quality truffles and truffle products combined with other Istrian homemade products


Motovun, beautiful historic city located on a hill above the river Mirna is famous for its history and medieval construction is also known for its forest, the Motovun forest – a home to various treasures. One of the forests treasures are definitely truffles – subterraneous mushrooms worth their weight in gold well known for their smell and taste. The Motovun forest is the biggest white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) habitat.