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Picturesque Istria, a fairytale peninsula named Terra Magica by the Romans is a habitat of truffles, gold worthy subterraneous mushrooms well known for their smell and taste. Istria is known world widely for its truffles, and right here in Istria the biggest white truffle was found, which it documented in the Guinness World record. Istria has a reputation of the most famous and prominent truffles destination.  With love for tradition and honoring the heritage of truffles arose our little family company – Tartufi Istra


A small company located in beautiful Motovon has a variety of fresh truffles and top notch products made from truffles gathered form Motovun forest, all of which are available via web shop or our tasting room. Let us guide you through the world of gourmand word and dive into top notch gourmand experience tasting Tartufi Istra Products. Welcome!



Besides offering beautiful nature and landscapes Istria offers a variety of gourmand delights – experience them with Truffles Istria, founded in 2017, filled with love for tradition for truffle hunting passed on from one generation to the next.

Everything good and worthy comes from honoring tradition – making the wonderful combination of knowledge and love.

Besides offering truffles and truffle products, we offer the thrill of truffle hunting and high quality products that consist of our valuable truffles, combined with other homemade Istrian products.